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Websphere Java Agent Name Auto Naming error


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


On a Java agent installed on Websphere, the autonaming functionality is not working.  It issues this agent log error:

[IntroscopeAgent.Agent] Unable to automatically determine the Agent Name because: The Application Server naming mechanism is not yet available.

Setting up a custom service did not solve the issue.


Besides custom service, if Java2 Security is enabled on WAS, permissions needs to be added to server.policy. 


Java agent 10.1WAS 7.0Suse


a.) create a custom service, as described in:


b.) If Java2 Security is enabled, it is necessary to modify server.policy:


Please note:

When the following lines are not effective:

// permissions for Introscope AutoProbe

grant codeBase "file:${was.install.root}/-" {

permission "${was.install.root}${/

}wily${/}-", "read";


Please use the following:

// permissions for Introscope PMI support 

grant codeBase "file:${was.install.root}/-" {