Using * (asterisk) as wildcard for Name in RC/S Application Domain might not work for some type of objects.


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When updating an application domain and creating entries for Functions, Procedures or Schemas the use of * as wildcard for NAME does not work correctly. The entry is marked as Masked rather than Pending


You have to imbed the * (asterisk) in double quotes like this: "*"

RSDOMA   17.0   ---------- RC/S Application Domain ---------- 2013/11/07 06:31
COMMAND ===>                                                  SCROLL ===> PAGE
Type => *                                  Pending   => *                      
Name => *                               >  Qualifier => *                   > 
------------------------------ SSID: D91A ---------------------- HENPE01      
Domain Name   => APPL2                                   DB2 ID     => D91A    
Description   => 21392339                                Department => PHH2    
Deletion Date =>                                         Exec Proc  =>         
     +--- OBJECT/PRIVILEGE ---------+ +--UPDATED BY-----+                      
O  P TY NAME                QUALIFIER USER      DATE      IMPLEMENTED          
__   __ ___________________ _________                     

Note this description of field NAME:

Field: NAME

Description: Displays the name of the object. If you are adding a new object entry, you can enter selection criteria to display an Object Selection list.

You can specify "*" (in quotes) as object name for schemas, functions and stored procedures.

This will add a row to either:

  • SYSSCHEMAAUTH table with SCHEMANAME as '*'


This is to distinguish between an RCS mask '*', which would encompass all objects of the requested type.

Note: When EXPLODE is off, the object name is displayed. When EXPLODE is on, the privileges are listed under each object name and qualifier.


Release: ENDV2A00200-15-Endevor-SCM Interface-for DB2 for z/OS