How to troubleshoot the UCM Collector when no data is displayed in the UCM Console?
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How to troubleshoot the UCM Collector when no data is displayed in the UCM Console?


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CA Unified Communications Monitor (NetQoS / UCM)


After installing and configuring a UCM system for the first time, the views do not display any data. This procedure applies only to Cisco environments.


Release: UCMMCN99000-3.4-Unified Communications Monitor-Management Console-SW


UCM relies on correct SPAN configuration in order to calculate and report VoIP metrics. Please follow the steps below to ensure that correct traffic is seen by the collector:

  1. Open the UCM GUI and go to Administration --> Data Collection --> Collectors:

  2. Select the collector and click on "Edit", the following screen will appear:

  3. Click on "Packet Trace", the following screen will appear:

  4. Insert the duration in seconds of the trace and click "Continue". When finished, the following will show up:

  5. The resulting trace file is saved on the Collector server in the directory: <Install>\CA\VoIPMonitor\Snifferfiles

  6. Import the .pcap file from the location defined in step 5 to your local PC and open it with a packet capture program such as Wireshark in your PC. Note: never install packet capture programs in the UCM system as this will break the UCM packet capture engine.

  7. With the pcap file opened, check for the following Skinny traffic communication sent to the SCCP endpoints, such as Cisco IP phones by Cisco Call Manager in SCCP protocol:

    1. Off Hook

    2. On Hook

    3. Ring Out

    4. Ring In

    5. Connected

    6. Busy

    7. Line In Use

    8. Hold

    9. Call Waiting

    10. Call Transfer

    11. Call Park

    12. Call Proceed

    13. In Use Remotely

    14. Invalid Number

  8. Conversely, check if the SCCP endpoints are sending messages to the Cisco Call Managers in SCCP protocol.