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Does CA SDM Mobile Enabler 2.0 support single sign-on into CA Service Desk Manager


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When trying to use a capability (ex: Analyst Queue), I'm prompted to input a URL, username and a password? Is single sign-on possible instead?


Current release of CA SDM Mobile Enabler (2.0) mandates a username/password/URL prompt on each of its mobile capabilities. You have to provide CA SDM or CA Open Space credentials to access appropriate capabilities.

This is primarily due to the unified mobile framework that we are using in the current release, and the framework requires us to have a login page and mandates user login input.

Once you provide a URL/username/password, there is an option to save to those credentials. This way a user would not have to repeat the operation every time the capability is used.


Release: SWAMFC059000-12.7-Software Asset Manager-Flow Control