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CA Agile Requirements Designer


After launching Agile Designer, I am receiving the following message:
License almost expired! This software is protected and for temporary use only. The usage period has almost expired.

I have activated a new license successfully. However, this message still appears when I open Agile Designer. 


The 'License has almost expired' message is not an error, it is just an informational message to our users to remind them that they need to request and apply a new license soon. You can click the 'OK' button on the message and continue to use Agile Designer until the license actually expires.


If you are getting an 'Expiration date has passed!' error message when launching Agile Designer, you can follow the steps in this document to resolve it:


If you have not yet requested and activated a new license, you can do so by following the steps in either of these documents: 



Release : 2.10+

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer



If you have already applied a new license to Agile Designer successfully, but you are still receiving this error message, you can either ignore it until your old license officially expires and the new license takes over or delete your old license that is causing the expiration message to appear.


If you choose to ignore the message and click 'OK' to continue working with ARD because you have already applied a new license, then you should not experience any issues because once the old license expiration date passes, the new license start date will take over and the message should disappear. 


If you would like to get rid of the message, so you do not have to see it every time you launch ARD, you can delete the old license. Here are steps on how to delete the license:

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