CA Workload Automation ESP Edition RUN/NORUN unexpected simulate results


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CA Workload Automation ESP Edition


We are running CA WLA ESP edition 11.4 on z/OS 2.2. When doing a simulate from either the workstation or ISPF CSF we are getting unexpected results using RUN/NORUN.

When we reverse the RUN and NORUN statements and simulate for Sunday the WOB is selected and we believe it should NOT be.




The NORUN statement has to be coded after the RUN statement. You can see this as you have noticed in simulations. The key sentence here is if both are used the last one encountered is applied and used. This behavior has been known for quite some time. If NORUN is BEFORE the RUN statement, then the RUN criteria will be ignored, and the default RUN ANY will be applied. This is why it will run on Sunday.


Release: ENCWLA00200-11.4-Workload Automation-Restart Option-EE


When both RUN and NORUN statements for a job are encountered, the last one that applies overrides. The NORUN statement should follow a RUN statement.

Additional Information

Additional information can be found in the CA Workload Automation ESP Edition Command Reference Guide.