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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


While executing CA Service Management  JasperSoft report , we find an error .
"The Server has encountered an error . Please excuse the inconvenience . "

Report List:
1) Categories cost by Groups in USD
2) Categories effort by Groups in Hours.
3) Categories volume by Group.
4) FCR top incident categories table.
5) FCR trends for top incident categories table.
6) Incident cost details for top categories.
7) Incident cost trend details for top categories.
8) Incident Effort details for top categories.
9) Incident Effort Trend details for top categories.
10) Incident Resolution group trend by cost.
11) Incident Resolution group trend by Effect.
12) Incident Resolution group trend by Volumn.
13) Incident Volume details for top categories.
14) Incident Volume trend details for top categories.
15) MTTR top incident categories
16) MTTR trend top incident categories
17) Request Details
18) Requests for a single user.
19) Top Groups by cost incurred on resolution.
20) top groups by time spent on resolution.
21) Top groups resolving incident volumn.


CA Service Management 14.1Jasper Soft 6.2.0


These Above report are Sub reports, and should not be executed Directly. As the required input variables are not being supplied.


Step1 : Login to JasperSoft Server.
Step2 : View -> Repositories
Step3 : Root-> Service Management->Capability
Step4: Reports-> Business Values Dashboard.
Step5: Execute Any of the Reports.
           -  Operational Effectiveness
           -  Service Demand - Incident
(These Reports Execute the above mentioned Sub reports).

Additional Information

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