AutoSys jobs are failing on CA WA System Agent servers with the following error: <Error reading Env profile>


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CA AutoSys job fails with the following error: <Error reading Env profile>. The job does not include a profile.


Job detail report

# autorep -J ora_rman_db_sync_cmd -d

Job Name                            Last Start                     Last End                        ST/Ex   Run/Ntry   Pri/Xit
_____________________ ____________________ ___________________ _____ ________ _______
ora_rman_db_sync_cmd     12/06/2016 10:23:29      12/06/2016 10:23:29       FA       19/1          1

  Status/[Event]  Time                 Ntry ES  ProcessTime           Machine
  --------------  --------------------- --  --  --------------------- ----------------------------------------
  STARTING        12/06/2016 10:23:29    1  PD  12/06/2016 10:23:29   aporadb
  RUNNING         12/06/2016 10:23:29    1  PD  12/06/2016 10:23:30   aporadb
  FAILURE         12/06/2016 10:23:29      1  PD  12/06/2016 10:23:30
    <Error reading Env profile>
  [STARTJOB]      12/06/2016 10:24:50    0  PD  12/06/2016 10:24:50

CA WCC -> Quick View -> Job Details section shows the same error against the Agent Status field under Run Time

<Please see attached file for image>


There are no job or spool logs created on the CA WA System Agent host.


CA Workload Automation AutoSys Edition (AE) 11.3+ on all supported platforms.CA Workload Automation System Agent 11.3+ on all supported platforms.


On the CA WA System Agent host, check the following parameters' values in the agentparm.txt file under the System Agent installation path and ensure that the files, assigned to each of these parameters, do exist.






Example from a Linux CA WA System Agent installation: 

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKSVAA4" alt="Env_var.png" width="946" height="248">


If any of the files are missing, then either comment the corresponding parameter out in the agentparm.txt file and restart the WA System Agent service, or copy the missing environment file from another working CA WA System Agent host.


Additional Information

CA WA Agent for UNIX, Linux, Windows, or i5/OS Agent Parameters


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