CA Directory r12.5 (GA) fails to install on Linux/UNIX
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CA Directory r12.5 (GA) fails to install on Linux/UNIX


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CA Directory


Installing CA Directory r12.5 (GA) version throws following error at then end of the install log.


Checking for existing xxxx account...

Could not create the yyyy group

Installation terminated.


Component: ETRDIR




This could happen if one of the entry in /etc/group file is greater than 508 charactes. This has been addressed in upcoming SP1 release (i.e. 12.5.01). In the mean time you can use following workarond.

The key here is "Could not create the yyyy group" message. This is reported as we had a defect in the code while evaluating groups information.

To find out the offending line, you can perform following steps. From the directory where you have '', run the following command:


for grp in `cat /etc/group|cut -d: -f1`;do ./passwdtool getgroupgid $grp;sleep 1;done


In the output (on screen) what you will notice is:

For all entries past the offending line in /etc/group, the error "getgrnam_r or getpwnam_r error: Numerical result out of range" will be returned.


Workaround steps:

- Remove (or shrink) the offending line from /etc/group file. 

- Proceed with the install. 

- Reintroduce the line back in /etc/group file.