"Reopen Ticket" Button on Employee Interface is not blocked by Update Data Paritition


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A pre-existing data constraint such as the one below is not being enforced when Employee clicks 'Reopen Ticket' button.

Type:  Update
Table: Call_Req
constraint:  status <> 'CL'


This is a known concern in which the Employee interface functionality bypasses the Data Partition check on the Update for Call_Req.


Service Desk 12.7, 12.9, 14.1


To workaround this, create a new DP for the Employee based role which will be:

Type:  Pre-Update
Table: Call_Req
constraint:  status <> 'CL'

The Pre-Update Data Partition checks if the conditions are permitted for an update to be attempted.  The Employee interface code does respect the Pre-Update Data Partition and will not allow the ticket to be edited and thus prevents a reopen as a result.