Why I am getting a licensing error whenever I try to open the CA Plex 7.2 IDE?


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I had my new computer reloaded with Windows 7. I am now trying to install plex again. The installation was successful, but when I open plex, I get a license error: "7309. Licensing problem. Cannot open license file." 

I downloaded the CA.OLF file from the download center and followed the instructions in the CA Plex 7.2 manual topic, "Enter the CA License key"

The CA.OLF file did not exist, so I followed the instructions from the document. 

Why am I getting this error message and how do I resolve it?


The end-user created the ca.olf file in Notepad and saved it as ca.olf.txt, but Plex cannot read the license file with .txt extension appended to its filename.


Release: KPPLEX99000-7.2-Plex


1. Copied the contents of ca.olf..txt into a new file created in Notepad

2. File -> SAVE AS -> TYPE: All files, with filename ca.olf

3. Replaced the ca.olf.txt with ca.olf in the CA_LIC folder

4. Confirm that the ca.olf file has "OLF FILE" in the File Type column of Windows Explorer

Additional Information

Read this CA Plex 7.2 manual topic, "Enter CA License Key"