Agile Designer 2.10 License Error: The CmActLicense is invalid, Error 264
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Agile Designer 2.10 License Error: The CmActLicense is invalid, Error 264


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


While trying to activate the offline license for Agile Designer, I received the following error message:
Importing CmActLicense failed: The CmActLicense is invalid, Error 264.




ARD 2.10+
CA Agile Requirements Designer



After analyzing the CmDust and CodeMeter log files with Wibu Systems, we discovered that this error occurs when there is a lack of permissions/privileges to write to the machine.
The error is saying that the CmActLicense cannot be accessed and the license cannot be written into the container.

CodeMeter.exe normally run as 'System service', which means that it runs in the System account, which is used by default for services on Windows systems.
The System account normally has all the needed read/write permission for all folders which are used for CmAct, but sometimes the user's IT administrator needs to set these up.

Local Administrator accounts also have to start application with elevation, meaning use the 'Run as Administrator' option when launching CodeMeterCC.exe.
You may also see this issue if you have an antivirus tool, or scanner preventing the CodeMeter service from doing anything. 


First try to run CodeMeterCC.exe as Administrator and apply the license again.


If this does not resolve the issue, work with your local IT Administrator to make sure your system user has elevated privileges.

Note: It is highly recommended you upgrade to the latest release of ARD. As of October 21, 2022 ARD 2.10 will be officially End of Service, and no longer supported by Broadcom, unless you purchase extended support.


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