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Unable to access stream data via Xflow interface


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On clicking stream for a relatively less data, a message shows as 'working on it' and eventually comes up with the message 'server unavailable,please contact administrator'. 

How to solve the issue with streams without the 'server unavailable' error message?


CA Service Desk ManagerxFlow Analyst Interface (14.1.03)


1. Login to xFlow interface

2. Create a new stream for viewing tickets i.e. for example: Active incident tickets

3. Click on the created stream to get the Incidents active records

4. Instead you will see a message 'working on it' and eventually comes up with the message 'server unavailable,please contact administrator'


1. Extract the data from Call_Req table for any invalid values within urgency field

2. Run command: pdm_extract -f "Select id, ref_num, urgency from Call_Req where urgency like '%-1%'" > call_req_urg.txt

3. Open the call_req_urg.txt and identify values with "-1"

4. Replace the "-1" value with "" or any value specific to your environment from Urgency table

5. Reload the data back to the system with the below command i.e. pdm_load -f call_req_urg.txt

6. Run the command to refresh the table data spcific to Call_Req. pdm_cache_refresh -t Call_Req

7. Login to xFlow and click on the stream to see the correct data

Additional Information

Note: The issue is with the data corruption within the DB for a specific table, in this case Urgency.

An unknown value of '-1' was placed in the Call_Req table for urgency field which should contain a valid value from urgency table.