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The Partition List does not reflect the number of partitions in the tablespace and contains blank values for STOGROUP.


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS


When altering an Index from non-partitioned to partitioned using RC/Update, the Partition List on the CA - Index Alter screen does not display the expected results.

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Partition List.JPG


i. Only 10 partitions are listed

Using PF7/PF8 to scroll down through the list of partitions will show a maximum of 10 partitions.

Why does this not reflect the number of partitions in the Tablespace?


ii. The STOGROUP field is blank.

Why does RC/Update not populate the STOGROUP field with the STOGROUP defined for the non-partitioned index?


Component: RCU


There are two reasons for these results:

- Automatic Partition Management is not enabled

- No Object Definition Defaults exist for this UserId

With Automatic Partition Management disabled, by default only 10 partitions are displayed, regardless of the number of partitions in the Tablespace. So in this instance, when the Index is altered to PARTITIONED then the CA - Index Alter screen displays a Partition List with only 10 partitions. It is then up to the User to manage the partitions manually.


If Automatic Partition Management is enabled, then the number of partitions listed will match the number of partitions in the Tablespace. Additionally, the partition fields will be populated with any defaults defined for this User.


i. To enable Automatic Partition Management on the CA- Alter Index screen: 

- set the PARTITIONED field to YES 
- enter command AUTOPARTS ON 
- enter command AUTOPARTS SAVE if you want to save this as your default setting 

The Partition List should now reflect the actual number of partitions in the tablespace. 

ii. Now for the partition fields to be populated we need Object Definition Defaults defined for this user. 

- enter command DEF or DEFaults 

The Object Definition Defaults for this User will be displayed.

- enter a default value for Stogroup either at the Global level or Index level. 
- enter S for Action to save this default definition 

For the new Object Definition Defaults to take affect, PF3 out and back into RC/Update.


Now with AUTOPARTS enabled and default values defined, when you alter PARTITIONED to YES for an index, you should now have a Partition List reflecting the number of partitions in the Tablespace and also any object default values defined for this User will be populated in the Partition List fields.


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