Service Management Mobile APP: No response from Server. Please contact your administrator
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Service Management Mobile APP: No response from Server. Please contact your administrator


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When trying to access USS application via mobile by using http://servername:8686 the following alert appear in the mobile screen and not all options are available as in catalog:

<Please see attached file for image>



SDM 14.1 implemented with USS and Catalog.Android 5.0 on Samsung mobileNote: This Alert can appear random in Iphone IOS.


This behavior appears when the URL data source configuration is not being resolved correctly by the mobile network or sometimes in Android 5.0 running in Samsung mobiles can present this behavior.


2 things must be confirmed:

1) login in USS with an admin account and

a) Go to configuration >> Data sources >> CA Service Desk and For the "Service Desk REST URL FOR MOBILE" test connection.

If the connection is successful then check if the server name is responding correctly by doing a ping from CMD command prompt window.
In this case, the server name must be replaced with FQDN and try test connection again.

Example: http://TESTSERVER:8050 for

Then try connection from mobile and see if message alert still appears.

2) if message alert is still showing in mobile screen then confirm that this URL +/workflow can be accessed from the browser.

example: http://TESTSERVER:8050/workflow.
If page response with "Help for Workflow Manager Mobile App" then the application is working but there might be an issue with DNS so the workaround for this case is to replace your server name with the IP in USS>> Configuration>> Data sources >> CA Service Desk >>"SERVICE DESK REST URL FOR MOBILE"

test connection and if is successful then save changes, delete data and cache from CA Service Manage app in mobile and try connecting again.

This time message shouldn't appear again and all options must be available.


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