Missing technology types from the eHealth Discover Policy window.
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Missing technology types from the eHealth Discover Policy window.


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CA eHealth


Unable to discover certain devices with the current technologies in eHealth OneClick. When creating a new discovery policy and there are technologies that are missing for the type of discovery you would use.


eHealth without "Gold Key" license.dat file


eHealth's licencse.dat file is an older, not fully unlocked version and as such is missing sections.  For example, if you do not see "System" as a valid option within a discovery policy, your license.dat file is likely missing the below line:



FEATURE system ccilmgrd 1.0 31-dec-2035 1 CE60EB2AF86C8F297B79 


You must download and install the eHealth Gold Key to resolving this issue.  You can obtain the Gold Key license.dat file at the below link.


Please do the following steps to update eHealth license.dat file:


1. Backup your old $NH_HOME/lmgr/license.dat file

2. Replace existing $NH_HOME/lmgr/license.dat with the new file

3. Restart the fallowing services in this order:

  • nhHttpd stop 
  • nhServer stop 
  • nhLmgr stop
  • nhLmgr start 
  • nhServer start 
  • nhHttpd start