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Devices are in suppressed state with no associated root cause and events.


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CA Spectrum


When the conditions of the devices are "Suppressed", click on the "Root Cause" Tab of the device, cannot find any root cause. Please go to the "Events" tab, and from the Event history, you cannot find any relevant events regarding that the device is in "Suppressed" state. Then this KB article is applicable for you.


Spectrum 9.x, 10.x.


Please go to the SpectroServer, and open $SPECROOT/custom/events/EventDisp.txt file.

Please search for any entries like the below description. This means, the severity of the event 0x10801 is "Suppressed", and Spectrum will not restore this event in the database. This explains why the condition of the device is the "Suppressed" and we cannot find any relevant events in the event history.

0x10801 A 5, 0x10801

Note: 0x10801 here can be any event type. "A 5" means the severity is "Suppressed".



1. Please remove this entry from the EventDisp file. Alternatively, you can also change the severity to any other severity depends on your requirement and also choose to store the event. 

2. Please go to OneClick console -->Universe-->choose VNM model-->Information Tab-->SpectroSERVER Control-->Click on Update Event Configuration.

3. Please restart SpectroServer in order to run the model activation.