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nsdgtw does not generate Service Desk Manager tickets for some alarms


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


NSDGTW probe is not generating tickets from a specific hub/origin in CA Service Desk Manager (SDM)

Note: SDM tickets are properly generated for other hubs with different origins. 

The alarm is assigned to the designated CA Service Desk web user but IM does not display the Custom field with a ticket number.

Error captured in the nsdgtw.log with log level set to 5:

[Thread-22, nsdgtw] findClosedIncidents() Server URL:
[attach_clientsession, nsdgtw] Response code: 301
[attach_clientsession, nsdgtw] Execution Error: An unexpected error occurred during data-validation of the request parameters passed during invocation of the web service: {0}.{1}.
[attach_clientsession, nsdgtw] Unable to create incident
[attach_clientsession, nsdgtw] [hubpostCallback ()]: ######### Incident creation/updation/closing ends




This problem is sometimes seen when the designated CA Service Desk web user configured in the NSDGTW probe is missing the organization relationship role in CA Service Desk.

In this scenario the Requester Organization field is normally configured with $alarm.origin as seen in the example below:

<Please see attached file for image>



1. Log in to CA Service Desk portal with a user that has administrative privileges

2. Edit the designated the web user properties configured in the NSDGTW probe

3. Add organization relationship with the Technical Contact role for the organization that represents the suspect hub/origin in UIM

4. Generate a test alarm from the suspect hub/origin and confirm that IM displays the Custom field with a ticket number.

5. Confirmed that CA Service Desk portal displays the ticket number created for the test alarm


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