Some probes cannot start if connection between hub and robot is via only TLS.


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Connection between hub and robot will be only via TLS if [Cipher Type] (on v7.8 Hub AC UI Reference > Advanced > SSL or v7.8 Hub IM GUI Reference > General Tab > Hub Advanced Settings > SSL Advanced Settings) is "AES128-SHA256".


However, some probes (example: cdm, processes, nas) cannot start with this setting. 


Currently these probes do not support TLS.


cdm, processes, ntevl, logmon, rsp, nas, and so on.


User needs to set the [Cipher Type] to be "AES128-SHA256:RC4-SHA" for enabling SSL if those probes are necessary.

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Reference Information:

hub Release Notes > Revision History > Version 7.80 > What's New > Added support for OpenSSL TLS cipher suites

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