Unable to upgrade Harvest 12.6 schema to V13


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Unable to upgrade Harvest 12.6 schema to V13

When we run the hdbsetup to upgrade the repository, we get this error:

hserver: getentry.c:35: ldap_first_entry: Assertion `( (ld)->ldc->ldc_options.ldo_valid == 0x2 )' failed.

sh: línea 1: 28580 Abortado hserver -upgrade -authmode=internal -verbose -edb=.hsvrtemp.dfo >> "/home/apsa/scm/servidor/scm/log/updateschema.log"

and the schema has not been upgraded.

We checked the following things:

-tnsping succesful

-Oracle client is configured to use ldap.ora to resolve Oracle Service Name. The client does not have a tnsnames.ora but it has a ldap.ora instead.


Adding Oracle LDAP into the picture for the HServer to authenticate and connect to the database does not add anything, because a DFO file will still have to be used by the HServer. So adding Oracle LDAP into this picture really does not enhance security.


Harvest r12.6 on Linux 7.1Oracle 11 EXADATA on AIX 7.1, -using LDAP to resolve the name server-


Configured oracle client to access through tnsnames.ora