Number of phones recorded in UCM
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Number of phones recorded in UCM


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CA Unified Communications Monitor (NetQoS / UCM)


Customer want know how many phones are managed by his UCM console  and what is the phone table key .

Also Is there a purge of old phones discovered to prevent any slowdown ?



win2008UCM 4.x


The UCM documentation does not contain any command given the number of phones managed by the console .

Customer wonders if old phones are purged to avoid performance problems .


Unique Index for the phones table is:
. Address
. Name
. IsInsideAddress
. ServerID

An entry in the phones table does not mean a unique phone.
You can check the number of phones recorded  with:

$ mysql voip
> select count(EndpointID) from endpoints;
> quit

Phones table is purged with Calls data, so it should not cause any performance issue.