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Error when registering AdminUI and accessing for the 1st time


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


After installing and configuring the AdminUI properly and having registered the AdminUI running XPSRegclient, when I try to login to the AdminUI I get this error in the browser :

Error : "Invalid user name and password combination"

The policy server logs shows also an handshake error with the AdminUI :

[SmPolicyServer.cpp:1006][ERROR] Handshake error: Unknown Tunnel agent 'smtunnel-siteminder' in hello message
[CServer.cpp:1630][ERROR] Handshake error: Unknown client name 'smtunnel-siteminder' in hello message
[CServer.cpp:1728][ERROR] Bad security handshake attempt. Handshake error: 3160
[CServer.cpp:1749][ERROR] Handshake error: Bad hostname in hello message
[CServer.cpp:1901][ERROR] Failed handshake with XXX.YYY.ZZZ.VVV:NNN


The problem is because all components are not at the same level version.

You can not administrate a 12SP3 PS with a 12.52 AdminUI.



AdminUI : 12.52SP1Cr05 on SolarisPS : 12SP3CR02 on Solaris


You can install an AdminUI 12.52PS1 only at the last step during an upgrade. 


Following the upgrade guide

To migrate a CA Single Sign-On deployment with multiple Policy Servers and Web Agents, 

remove one of the Policy Servers and Web Agents from the environment. 

While these components are being upgraded, the remaining Policy Servers and Web Agents 

continue to protect your resources. Continue removing and upgrading components until all 

components are upgraded or operating in mixed-mode compatibility.


Complete the following procedures to migrate from r12.x to 12.52 SP1:


1. If your environment includes multiple instances of smkeydatabase, synchronize all instances. Part of the Policy Server upgrade includes migrating all content in the smkeydatabase to the certificate data store.

2. Upgrade an r12.x Policy Server to 12.52 SP1.

3. Upgrade an r12.x Web Agent to 12.52 SP1.

4. Upgrade the remaining r12.x Policy Servers and Web Agents to 12.52 SP1, respectively.

5. Upgrade the r12.x policy and key stores to 12.52 SP1.

   If you are using FSS Administrative UI, ensure that you upgrade Policy Store to 12.52 SP1 as Policy Server and Policy Store must be of the same version.

6. Upgrade the r12.x Administrative UI.

7. If required, use the Administrative UI to save existing reports locally and remove the r12.x Report Server and report database from the environment. The simplest path to an 12.52 SP1 reporting environment is to install and configure a new Report Server and report database.


>> We can see the Upgrade the r12.x Administrative UI is at the last stage !




Additional Information

Complete 12.52SP1 upgrade guide: