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Attachments upload does not work anymore


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After the migration from 12.6 to 14.1 the upload from attachments does not work anymore. You can get the following errors in the stdlog:

12/06 16:04:12.36 <servername>  web:local 6440 ERROR ktweb.spl 3729 The repository daemon (rep_daemon:<SERVERNAME>) is not running, unable to initiate a session. open_upload_session request message timed out, set and increase NX_REP_DAEMON_TIMEOUT value:
12/06 16:04:12.66 <servername>  web:local 6440 SIGNIFICANT session.c 4025 This request took 30316 milliseconds to complete. session id:982880208 login name:ServiceDesk htmpl name:delayed_server_response.htmpl
12/06 16:04:26.32 <servername>  boplgin 8676 SIGNIFICANT bplaccess.c 5492 BOP Security timeout set to 30 seconds
12/06 16:04:26.47 <servername>  slump_nxd 9008 ERROR server.c 3730 Unable to handle fast-channel request from 17288|pdmweb:sygosrv672#-2d406f6a:158d4a66c82:-7fff to 17288|rep_daemon:<SERVERNAME>|TOP; reason: Process rep_daemon:<SERVERNAME> is not currently running


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1,17.X


One possible reason may be the Servlet Server name. During the process of the migration the name of the box where the Servlet Server is running  was changed from <servername> to <SERVERNAME>. The Servlet Server name is case sensitive. Setting it equal to the hostname will solve the problem.