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SPC-EHI-10047: Unknown host error. Check server name.


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CA eHealth


When we try to test integration between Spectrum and eHealth and click on Test button on Spectrum One Click Web admin page, we get following error: 

"SPC-EHI-10047: Unknown host error. Check server name." 


eHealth 6.3.2 running in Disaster Recovery environment with one Primary and one Standby systemSpectrum 9.4


In DR scenario, when you switch between primary and standby system, you must update your DNS to point it towards standby IP.

In Spectrum one click console, when you specify eHealth shared hostname then you must ensure its accessible via nslookup and ping.

There was no entry for eHealth shared hostname, neither in the DNS nor in local hosts file. When tried to ping the shared hostname, it could not be resolved.


Make an entry of shared hostname in c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file for UNIX / Linux, and point it towards Active eHealth system. 

Ensure the host is now resolving via nslookup and ping.

Re-run the test and it would be successful this time.

Additional Information

To Summarize, shared hostname's IP should be pointed to the Active eHealth system. Whenever a failover occurs in eHealth, you must modify hosts file on Spectrum one click server and point eHealth shared hostname towards Active eHealth system's IP address.