IAPKG030 IIAPARMS file allocation error at startup
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IAPKG030 IIAPARMS file allocation error at startup


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Allocation fails for the PARMLIB and these messages appear during initialization.

IAPKG030 IIAPARMS file allocation error, IIA parameters not available. N16C02 DATASET NOT FOUND, DSN=hlq.PARMLIB.



Netmaster Suite, r11.6 and higherSOLVE:Access 5.0SOLVE:Operations 11.9


There are 4 hlq's that can be defined for Netmaster datasets:


 DSNQLNV - local non-VSAM

 DSNQSHR - shared VSAM

 DSNQSNV - shared non-VSAM

In Netmaster r11.5 and below, the PARMLIB was defined locally for each region, so was allocated as dsnqlnv.PARMLIB (or DSNQLCL in 11.0 and below).

As of r11.6, changed to being shared, so is allocated dsnqsnv.PARMLIB.

In the job that creates the PARMLIB, it will automatically have the DSNQSNV hlq.

If you manually changed the JCL so that it contains the DSNQLNV or even something else as the hlq, that is where you will run into problems.



The PARMLIB contains members for 3 DD statements; SXCNTL, DSIPARM and IIAPARMS.

While you can override the first two DDs in the RUNSYSIN, there is currently no way to override the one for the IIAPARMS, so you MUST adhere to the new naming convention to prevent the message. 


The PARMLIB must be named dsnqsnv.PARMLIB or you will not be able to initialize ReportCenter.

Additional Information

We read the IIAPARM member in ONLY 2 situations during region startup. 

The first one is starting the region with a BLANK (NEW) VFS file and the other is with INIRESET=YES.

So if changes need to be made to the IIAPARM member itself, one of the above situations must apply in order for the new information to be recognized.