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In MSP New Driver, ETC, Units and Cost are reduced for Material and Expense roles depending on ETC and Duration amount


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In the MSP New Driver, ETC (Remaining Work in MSP), Units and Cost are reduced for Material and Expense roles depending on ETC and Duration amount. The higher the ETC and Duration, the more noticeable the ETC/Unit/Cost decrease is.


1) A task with 50 ETCs: With 1 day duration, the hours will export correctly at 50 hours and units, with 2 day duration task it would export incorrectly at 49 hours and units, while with 3 days duration, it exports incorrectly with 48 hours and units. 

2) A task with 500 ETCs: With 1 day duration it will export at 496 hours and units, versus a 1 day duration task in example 1 above with 50 ETCs exports with the expected hours and units. 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In PPM, create a new project

2. Navigate to the 'Team' tab and add an Expense and Material Role to the project

3. Navigate to the 'Tasks' tab and create a new task with a 2 day duration

4. Assign the Expense and Material roles to the task (You may have to click 'Show all' on the task filter to have the roles show up in the Assign Filters window if 'Resource Type' is not already set to All)

5. Assign each assignment 50 hours of ETC (Type 50 in the ETC field for both assignments and click Save)

6. Open the project in MSP

7. Navigate to a Task Usage view and add the columns Resource Names and Remaining Work if not there already

Expected Results: In the 'Resource Names' column, each role shows Units of 50, and in the Remaining Work column, 50 hours are displayed

Actual Results: In the Resource Names column, 49 is shown for Units, and in the Remaining Work column, 49 is shown. Note: If you are using cost, adding the Cost column to the Task Usage view will also show the decrease of cost in proportion to the ETC decrease


This is caused by: CLRT-81350


This issue applies to 14.3, 14.4 (patch 4 and lower) and 15.1 with the MSP new driver.


This issue is fixed in CA PPM 14.4 Patch 5, 15.1 patch 3 and 15.2.

Workaround: None