How to disable Advanced Password Service (APS) in Policy Server


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APS aka Advanced Password Service is now bundled with the CA
SiteMinder Policy Server installer from R12.5 and is selected as the
default option (instead of Basic Password Services).

As an extra feature, many times there's no need for APS. The
traditional Basic Password Services are sufficient.

Here is a simple way to disable APS if it has been mistakenly chosen
during the Policy Server installation.





Option 1:

  - Re-run Policy Server configuration wizard;
  - In the first screen, don't choose to configure any of the
    features/components (unselect all check box);
  - In the second screen choose Basic Password Services (instead of
    the default Advanced password Services);



Option 2:

  - Stop Policy Server;
  - Rename SMAPS.dll from SiteMinder bin folder ( from
    SiteMinder lib folder in Linux);
  - Rename APS.cfg from SiteMinder bin folder;
  - Restart Policy Server;



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