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Allocation error can be issued when multiple steps in a processor establish TSO environments.


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When multiple steps is a processor establish a TSO environment, the second action can fail on a dynamic allocation error (C1A0010E ALLOCATION ERROR RC=0420-0000, DDNAME=SYSTPRT, C1A0011E IKJ56861I SYSTPRT NOT ALLOCATED, DATA SET IS OPEN'. This can happen when OEM products run REXX execs under IKJSOEV and another processor step (IKJEFT01) is run. The first element action will complete without problem.  




Not all programs free allocated datasets when the processor step terminates. The second element actions fails when a TSO environment can't allocate the necessary files, since they are already allocated.  


Try allocating the TSO datasets in the submitted job (JCL). 

Additional Information

If this is a third party product, contact vendor for possible resolution.