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Data base save fails after performing initial checks


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CA eHealth


Data base save fails after performing initial checks.

The save may just end after "Performing initial checks ..." or emit an error such as:

Error: The program Command failed moving /<SaveDirPath>/oracle_rman to /<SaveDirPath>/oracle_rman_prior failed


When performing a database save into a directory which has a previous save, 
the save process renames the oracle_rman to oracle_rman_prior to preserve
the existing save in the case the new save fails.

Some of the reasons it may be unable to do:

1) There is a file open in the oracle_rman directory

2) The permissions on the oracle_rman directory have changed so it cannot be
    renamed by the $NH_USER 



eHealth, all supported versions, all supported platforms


The resolution depends on the root cause as noted above (correcting permissions,
making sure no program is holding files open in the  oracle_rman directory).

The crux of the issue is the inability to rename oracle_rman to oracle_rman_prior
as the $NH_USER