CA APM Team Center fails to load.
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CA APM Team Center fails to load.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  CA APM Team Center is not working after upgrading from version CA APM to 10.7.

 The following shows up in the APM Team Center browser console.

 The polling service has reached the maximum number of attempts and has stopped. Refresh the page or contact your administrator.
 Error retrieving permissions. Status code: 403 8
 Error reading data from polling URL: ../apm/appmap/private/permission. Retrying in 60000ms. Attempt 6
 Error reading data from polling URL: ../apm/appmap/private/permission. Retrying in 60000ms. Attempt 5


CA APM 10.7 with PostgreSQL APM Database


 This is due to an incomplete upgrade of CA APM PostgreSQL Database.

 Please check the Schematools.log :

The below entry shows the Upgrade Path:
Upgrade Path that will be executed between source release: and target release: --> using<<dbupgrade-apm-postgres->> --> using<<dbupgrade-apm-postgres->> --> using<<upgrade->> --> using<<dbupgrade-apm-postgres->>

11/01/16 11:00:12.681 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [com.wily.apm.dbutil.SqlExecutor] Successfully Executed sql file dbupgrade-apm-postgres-
11/01/16 11:00:12.681 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [com.wily.apm.dbtools.upgradeschema.JavaTask] Executing task: className: com.wily.apm.dbtools.upgradeschema.impl.Upgrade10_1_0_0 methodName: doUpgrade
11/01/16 11:00:12.687 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [Upgrade10_1_0_0] - Computing fork value for table appmap_edges
11/01/16 11:00:12.690 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [Upgrade10_1_0_0] - Computing fork value for table appmap_vertices
11/01/16 11:00:14.755 AM EDT [ERROR] [main] [root] [Upgrade10_1_0_0] - Cannot get list of existing appmap_states tables.
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: An I/O error occured while sending to the backend.


The below entry shows that the Database Upgrade did not proceed after

11/01/16 11:00:14.769 AM EDT [ERROR] [main] [root] [Upgrade10_1_0_0] - Unexpected exception while upgrading
org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: This connection has been closed.


 To verify the version of PostgreSQL after the upgrade :

 1. Use a tool such as pgAdmin or psql for PostgreSQL or isql or SQL*Plus for Oracle.

 2. Run the following SQL statement:

     SELECT ts_db_versions FROM ts_domains

 3. The SQL statement returns a value representing the version of the APM database schema you have installed.

 4. If the version is different from 10.7,  the upgrade of the CA APM Database was corrupted and did not complete Database upgrade successfully.



Re-run the CA APM Database Upgrade program.


Install a new instance  of PostgreSQL CA APM Database.

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Upgrade the APM Database on PostgreSQL