How to clear the niscache
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How to clear the niscache


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In numerous circumstances you may need to clear a robots niscache as a intermediate step.

The majority of probes create files in a probes niscache directory.

These files are used within the internal UIM discovery_server processes to see what a device is monitoring and it will then be added into the CM_* database tables.


Version: All
Component: robot


Within Infrastructure Manager, navigate to the controller probe on a robot that you wish to clearOpen up the probe utility by pressing "Ctrl-P" after select the Controller probeOpen the Options dialog by pressing the second to the right icon. 

In options, select the "Expert Mode" checkbox and press OK.

In the probe commandset, select "_nis_cache_clean" and press the green arrow button to run it (Play Button)

In the probe commandset, select "_reset_device_id_and_restart" and press the green arrow button to run it (Play Button).

The robot will restart and the the niscache folder will be cleared.

Note: As an alternative if for some reason you are unable to perform the operation from the UI, you can login to the robot machine directly, stop the robot, and remove the contents of the ../nimsoft/niscache directory, and then restart the robot, which is the exact same thing the above operation is doing.

Additional Information

Article 35036 - Niscache, what it is, what it does

Starting at UIM 20.4 this will be executed automatically