Wrong File Versions
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Wrong File Versions


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


Two files with same file versions. The problem basically is that these files have the same version number under two different packages. This could have an impact on synchronization. 


Harvest 12.5 client on Win 8.1


There are two Version 0's. The two files look identical but they have completely different history diagram. 


File was part of the baseline of the project, then a branch version was checked out, checked in and merged to make version 1 


Then a brand new branch version of this file appears, and the new branch was merged to the trunk to make a new version 0 on the same day. 



Possible root cases could be that files came as a result of a cross project merge Or if there has been any refactoring for this file, or the folder.



The way to get past this problem is: 

1. Check out version 0 from the new package to a temporary folder (like C:\Temp1) 

2. Delete both version 0 and version x.1.1 from that package with the "Delete Version" process. 

3. Check out version 1 of this file from package ... for update to a second temporary folder (like C:\Temp2) 

4. Copy C:\Temp1\your_file to C:\Temp2\your_file, replacing the file that was there 

5. Check in the file from the C:\Temp2 folder.