Task Tab missing in IDEAS
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Task Tab missing in IDEAS


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The TASK tab is missing when an IDEA is opened. The Idea Layout portlet page was checked but even there, the TASK tab is missing - Why?


Release: 451-101-14.4-Clarity-Creator User License


Ideas are not associated with Tasks. Ideas can only have a Team and not assignments.
For example, you can staff an idea with team members to perform up-front work before approving the
idea. Add more staff to estimate and plan capacity before converting the idea into a project,
investment, or service.
You cannot staff multiple instances of the same named resource to an idea.
Timesheet entries can be done against IDEAS by the staff but they cannot become financial transactions. The financial status on an IDEA is put ON HOLD and
cannot be edited.

Additional Information

Please check the Product documentation under Manage Ideas for more information.