RESET TSS0905I Unable to obtain security file security lock.
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RESET TSS0905I Unable to obtain security file security lock.


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Top Secret - VSE




Received the following error messages, after IPLing:

FB 0091 TSS0905I Unable to obtain security file Security lock
FB 0091 TSS0906I System VSEA has held Enqueue for 64 minutes
FB-0091 TSS0907D Reply <RESET> or <WAIT>
0091 WAIT
CADS330I * CA-TOPSECRET 3.0 09 0610 AKD E *

after copying the security file from another system. Is it safe to respond RESET, without corrupting the security file?



A live security file should never be copied because it is constantly being enqueue and dequeued. The enqueue records are kept on the security file. The security file was copied with an outstanding enqueue records so when you brought up the copy of the security file on the new system, you received the enqueue error messages.

Either bring down all CA Top Secret machines or TSS partitions before the copy


issues a TSS MODIFY BACKUP to copy the security file to the back security file and copy the backup security file.

To be 100% sure that you will not corrupt the security file, the systems sharing the security file need to be brought down or the TSS partition be brought down. The TSS partition can always be brought back up after the RESET.

The RESET should be done on the system getting the enqueue message. Its the other machines that need to be brought down or TSS partition brought down.

When copying the security file, the live security file should NEVER be copied.

for the security file but also individual security file records. So...a RESET should not be done unless TSS is brought down all the other machines sharing the security file for the danger of corrupting the file.


Component: TSSVSE