Why do we get VAN1555E CA Vantage error message?
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Why do we get VAN1555E CA Vantage error message?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager



VAN1555E Object=HSMMLOG was not created because the task getmain limit of 010GB above the bar was hit.






Installation of HSM IGDACSSC and/or ARCRDEXT exit



Increase the memory allowed above the bar using the VKG parameter: MEMLIMTA.

Apply early filter for DFSMSHSM via HSMTRIGS member in your PARMLIB. By default HSMTRIGS member contain one empty line. If you want to filter DFSMSHSM messages and commands, remove the empty line.

If you choose to route all DFSMSHSM messages and commands to CA Vantage please note the following recommendations:

- Define offload rule for LOGX and LOGY so data to be loaded by CA Vantage will be less

- Avoid DFSMSHSM scripts to run concurrently


Additional Information:

HSMTRIGS member from PARMLIB represents early filter for DFSMSHSM messages and commands. If HSMTRIGS member is not in your PARMLIB, please copy the member from the CCTUSAMP library and customize it as needed.

The member copied from the CCTUSAMP library does not have any early filters. It does contain a blank line which means that all HSM messages will be routed to CA Vantage for analysis.

When the script HSMLOG is fired CA Vantage load all data from LOGX and afterwards apply the filter defined in the script. 


As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Vantage if you have further questions.


Release: SMV3EN00200-12.6-Graphical Management Interface