How to suppress z/OS messages in SYSLOG?
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How to suppress z/OS messages in SYSLOG?


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SOLVE:Operations Automation SOLVE:Access Session Management SOLVE:FTS SOLVE


Is it possible to suppress MVS messages in SYSLOG with CA Solve:Operations Automation?






Release: SLOPEM00200-11.9-SOLVE:Operations-Automation


You can suppress messages in SOLVE:Operations by using an EventView Message Rule (panel =A.E.R.M). Here, in the "EventView : Message Rule List" you can define the message to be suppressed and specify a Delivery Option of 'Z' in the panel "Message Delivery".

Additional Information

Beside 'Z' the other valid options are:

YES    - The message is delivered in the normal way to an operator console, the SYSLOG, hardcopy log, and activity log.

IGN    - The message is ignored by the region, but delivered to an operator console, the SYSLOG and the hardcopy log.

NO     - The message is suppressed (but is written to the SYSLOG).

LOG   - The message is written to the hardcopy log, the SYSLOG, and the activity log