CA View Database Index Space Filling Up or Full.
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CA View Database Index Space Filling Up or Full.


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Recently, the client has had several CA View databases indicating that their index space was filling.

This has occurred with databases on different systems. 

The client has gone for years without the Indexes filling up on any system.



CA View



The client used SARDBASE ADDDS INDEX, to add index space to the affected databases. 


Over time, it is possible for View indexes to experience usage "creep", so that at some point more index space will need to be added. 

This was the case with the client's databases. 


Usage "creep" is especially possible with databases that collect JCL as, though they do not contain large reports, they will contain many reports. 

As approximately 2000 bytes of index records are generated for each report in the database, the index could understandably fill up over time. 


In a View database's SARDBASE STATUS FULL statistics, a block is consider "used" even if it is only 1% full. 

With that, a percent utilization of a certain value could remain the same over some time.



Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO