Process Automation: Configuring to use with EEM Failover /replication
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Process Automation: Configuring to use with EEM Failover /replication


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Either during the Process Automation installation or after Process Automation has been running in your environment, we can add a secondary CA EEM failover server to the environment.

This document will go over both scenarios and assumes that EEM is already in a failover configuration.


Process Automation 4.3.x


The first setup assumes that Process Automation is already installed and you have recently added an EEM failover server and verified that replication is functioning.

Stop the CA Process Automation Orchestrator service. If this is a clustered Process Automation environment, this can be done one server at a time to avoid an outage.

Next, open the file located at /CA/PAM/server/c2o/.config in a texted editor. 

Locate the line  


It will currently look like:


With the host name of your primary EEM server.

Change this to reflect both host names, separated by a semi colon, like this:


If there are more than two EEM nodes in the failover setup, add the host name for each server, all separated by a semi colon.

Make sure there are no trailing spaces, save the changes, close the file and restart the Process Automation Orchestrator service. If you have a clustered Process Automation setup, do the same steps on the other nodes.


The second setup assumes this is a new installation of Process Automation that has never been registered to EEM, and EEM failover is already configured and functioning.

During the installation of Process Automation, there is a screen to register Process Automation to EEM. 

You will enter the host name of the primary EEM server only, and make sure that the radio button for "Register" is selected.

Register the application, and complete the test.

If the test is successful then log directly in to the secondary EEM server as EiamAdmin - at the login screen you should see the Process Automation application in the drop down to choose from.

If you do not see your Process Automation application in the drop down then there is a problem with replication in the EEM failover setup.

If you do see your Process Automation application in the drop down, then replication is working correctly. Log in to the Process Automation registered application in EEM as EiamAdmin and verify that the users and groups exist for Process Automation.

Once you have verified this in EEM you can log out and back on the installation screen for Process Automation is where you are going to use a semi-colon and add the second server name to the EEM host field, like:


Do not register the application again, just add the second (third and/or fourth if required) host name and click Next to continue the rest of the installation as normal.