Why do I get a CAIN2944 Message After a CICS Newcopy?
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Why do I get a CAIN2944 Message After a CICS Newcopy?


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A client reports that after performing a compile and newcopy of a program, their developers were complaining that they get this message in InterTest CICS:

CAIN2944 DBPR06 2016/08/10 12:59:16 not found in Symbolic Files
CNTL=NEW,PROG=DBPR06 to load a new copy of the program
or Press PF1 for more information

He tried issuing CNTL=NEW,PROG=DBPR06 and that fixed the problem, until the next time that the program was compiled and newcopied. Then the message occurs again.

The client asks if the the CNTL=NEW,PROG=DBPR06 command needs to be executed every time a compile and newcopy is performed.


When CA InterTest CICS is started up, the program versions are loaded as part of the initialization process.

Now say a programmer is monitoring a program PROGTEST, and discovers that he needs to make a change and recompile, then they will need to do one of two things to bring that version into InterTest.

One is to recycle InterTest and if there are others using the product they won't be happy.

The other is to do a CNTL=NEW. That's why you need to do this while InterTest remains up, and doing it prevents the CAIN2944 message.



Release: OSINBV00200-9.1-InterTest-Batch