CA SymDump CICS 9.1 is not capturing dumps in CICS 5.2 regions after an upgrade from CICS 4.2.
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CA SymDump CICS 9.1 is not capturing dumps in CICS 5.2 regions after an upgrade from CICS 4.2.


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch



The client was not receiving any dumps for the DEMA transaction. CA Symdump CICS 9.1 was started but the ASRA dump was not captured.  The client is not suppressing any dumps on the SYMI screens.

We turned on the following parameters:

Suppress AP0001 dumps: N
Messages to operator: Y (Y,N)

At this point we asked the client to remove user exit FXDUREQ and the XDUREQ exit and retest. 

FXDUREQ is currently getting control before Symdump CICS.  The client may start the region without any PLT programs.  They can just start CA SymDump CICS then check to make sure only IN69EXIT is running at XDUREQ and see what happens.


CA SymDump CICS 9.1 running in a recently upgraded CICS 5.1 region (from CICS 4.2). 


After some additional research the client found that the FXDUREQ exit program may indeed be the culprit, for reasons not yet determined.

Its intent is to check for a SM0133 dump code, POST an ECB to wake up a background monitor task, and then allow the SM0133 dump to be taken prior to the background task bumping up the EDSALIM.  For all dump codes (including SM0133 itself), the exit is supposed to be returning UERCNORM to allow downstream exits to have their turn.


For some reason, FXDUREQ seems to be the end of the line, and is not passing dumps along to CA SymDump CICS's exit.  The client did a CECI DISABLE PROG(FXDUREQ) EXITALL, and then retried DEMA.

CA SymDump CICS successfully captured the dump.  The client decided they would either shut off this exit, or else put it downstream from the CA SymDump CICS exit, until further debugging can be done.


Release: SYMDBA00200-9.1-SymDump-Batch