Questions about migrating to Mainframe Application Tuner 10.0 from CA MAT 9.0.
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Questions about migrating to Mainframe Application Tuner 10.0 from CA MAT 9.0.


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Mainframe Application Tuner


Q1) XCF group name. My version 10 of MAT has a different XCF group name than version 9.  When upgrading, the XCF group name needs to be different than the current group name?

Q2) User Information Files. When can UIFs from previous releases be deleted?



Component: MATUNE


A1) It is required.  It's not even necessarily for a new release, but if you have two sysplexes, each with several LPARs with a version of CA MAT running on each plex, you will need two XCF group names there as well. 

A2) You can delete UIF datasets of older releases if you want. The UIF is dynamically created for a user the first time they access the new release. Also if you have the two releases and you go from one to the other you get the User Information File Allocation panel: 


CA MAT ------------- User Information File Allocation ------------------------- 

CA MAT requires a User Information File to store user-specific data.

The name of this data set is: 'hlq.TABLES'. 

This data set must be allocated before you can use CA MAT.

If you choose not to allocate this data set, CA MAT will terminate. 

Do you want CA MAT to allocate this data set now ? YES (Yes or No) 

Allocate data set on volume ===> * (Required for non-SMS or * for SMS) 

Number of tracks to allocate ===> 90 (Required) 

SMS Management Class ===> (Optional see note 1)

SMS Storage Class ===> (Optional see note 1) 

SMS Data Class ===> (Optional see note 1) 

NOTE 1: For SMS allocations, one or more of these parameters must be specified.

Refer to the panel help for more detailed information. 

Press HELP for more information 

Enter the required input fields to start CA MAT 

Press END to cancel data set allocation and exit without starting CA MAT 

So, the UIF is a dynamic file, created as users use MAT for the first time, and subsequent times as well.