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FSS UI password lost


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


 I lost the FSSUI password. How can I get it back or recreate another to access the FSS UI?


Policy Server R12.52 SP1


There are two passwords needed when accessing FSS UI, the super user password, and also the passphrase for the host name. In order to recover them you need to reset them.


For the super user password, use the smreg tool to reset the password as shown in the following location:

For the passphrase, you need to reset the shared secret in the Agent4x created for the FSS UI. This should be done on the AdminUI, but if you do not have AdminUI, or access it, this can be done through XPSExplorer tool as follows:

  • Access XPSExplorer tool from your Policy Server (ensure you sourced the environment variables script before running the tool).
  • On main menu, type the number corresponding to Agent4x, and hit enter.
  • Type S and hit enter, to show the current agents.
  • Type the number for the FSS UI agent (at the left of the Agent XID), and hit enter.
  • Type W and hit enter, to edit the object.
  • Type the number corresponding to the Secret, and hit enter. If it begins with 0, it does not have to be entered (so for 06, you just need to type 6).
  • Type the new passphrase, and hit enter.
  • Type U to update the object, and hit enter.
  • Type Q and hit enter, repeat until you reach to the main menu.
  • If the Policy Server is currently running, type P to sync the data, and hit enter. If not, go to next step.
  • Type Q and hit enter to exit the tool.