What is the procedure to split a VMF file ?
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What is the procedure to split a VMF file ?


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TLMS Tape Management



Plan to separate two LPAR who have the same TLMS base. The VMF file should be split.

Need to have the procedure how to do this.   


First of all we must insure that the volumes being split off are not chained to any other volumes that are not being split off; and we don't have the chaining problem on your VMF file .

To check if we have the chaining problem on the VMF file we need to run CATVCVS. If chaining errors are displayed on the report we need to correct them before to start the steps to spit the VMF file.

Once we don’t get any chaining error on the VMF file the steps to run to split the VMF file are:

a)     Backup of VMF file

b)     Allocate VMF files

c)     RESTORE one or more VMFs with INITDECKs that contain the proper ranges. CATVMFRS procedure should be used with ++RESTORE

d)     The VMF Index file must be re-created immediately after the VMF has been restored. See CATVMFXI - Initialize or Re-create the VMF Index File on TLMS Configuration Guide


Additional Information:


We have to find a way to split off the O/S catalog if the volumes being split off are cataloged and you intend to execute a CATTRS in FORECAST mode to insure what all is being scratched. 
Remember when TLMS scratches a volume it also un-catalogs them if UNCAT is set to YES.