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SDM: USS auto integration with SDM failed


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Installation of the SDM and USS configuration using the installation wizard, you will encounter the below error message:

"Auto Integration failed
Please refer to log file at C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temcasm\install.log and retry."


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License, 17.0 - 17.2



I. Check Portal Instances for USS

1. Log to Unified Self-Service server and open the console view of USS (USS Control Panel)

2. Go to Server Link - Portal Instances

3. Ensure there is an entry for portal instance defined for USS and Active

II. Configuration for the PKI Authentication Type

Follow the steps mentioned for PKI Authentication Type in the below document for creating a policy file

III. Ensure that you have the policy name defined in SDM for SOAP web services

1. Login to SDM - Administration - SOAP web Services Policy - Policies

2. Create a new policy with the name CASM Policy as defined in PKI Authentication

3. Provide the required information for the policy i.e. ensure you have the Code, Proxy contact, Has Key, Allow Impersonate are filled and enabled.

Follow these below steps to complete the procedure for manual integration of SDM and USS

Steps for Manual Integration:

1. Log to Unified Self-Service server and open the console view of USS (USS Control Panel)

2. Go to Settings - Data Sources - CA Service Desk Manager - Expand for the properties

3. Fill the required details for the integration and click on 'test connection' button

4. On successful message on test connection - save the configuration

5. Create an announcement in SDM for a test and check the same information that should be synced in USS.

Integration is successful with above manual steps.


Additional Information

Note: Ensure that the casmadmin account has a valid email and same email in USS as well as SDM

You can go through the below CA docops documentation for SDM and USS installation


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