Siteminder: AgentName ACO parameter characters limit in AdminUI
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Siteminder: AgentName ACO parameter characters limit in AdminUI


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When using 1 ACO for our Reverse Proxy Web Agent Servers, 140 URLs are configured in the Agentname ACO parameter. In the AdminUI when trying to add another URL, the task is submitted and the browser shows an error. 

   Error: Task failed.

   Failed to execute ModifyAgentConfigEvent. ERROR MESSAGE: SmApiWrappedException:CA.SM::AgentConfig@21-csdmew11-ea04-4ae4-9c3d-9erds4a4s037(ACO): Attribute Attributes[99]=" [...]

More when opening again the ACO, the URL is not showing entirely. Is there a limit for the Agentname ACO parameter?




Applicable to all 12.8.x releases. (Any 12.8 release)


The AgentName ACO parameter is multi-valued, and although it's based on the database field settings, it has a character limit of 4000 characters.

To overcome this limit, the following could be done:

  • On the one hand, separate the AgentName ACO parameter into different AgentName parameters by adding a number (So, this is setting AgentName, AgentName1, AgentName[n], etc, with some of the values needed). This is explained in the Web Agent Configuration guide (2) under the "Set the AgentName and DefaultAgentName Values" section, check AgentName and its limits.
  • On the other hand, create an additional ACO with its AgentName parameter, and use AgentGroups, however, this step would require more configuration.


Additional Information




      Default: No default

      Limit: Multiple values are allowed, but each AgentName parameter has
      a 4,000 character limit. Create additional AgentName parameters as
      needed by adding a character to the parameter name. For example,
      AgentName, AgentName1, AgentName2.

      Limits: Must contain 7-bit ASCII characters in the range of 32-127,
      and include one or more printable characters. Cannot contain the
      ampersand (&) and asterisk (*) characters. The value is not
      case-sensitive. For example, the names MyAgent and myagent are
      treated the same.


    Basic Agent Setup and Policy Server Connections