Receive new PSP Tables - syntax error and HELD status
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Receive new PSP Tables - syntax error and HELD status


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MICS Resource Management


After running the job to populate the PSP libraries for a new PTF the receive new PSP Tables option(5;2;4;1) may list the PTF as containing a syntax error and in HELD status.

For example

The following Product Changes have one or more syntax errors and    

will be in a HELD status if saved in the new Master Inventory Table.


  Text Mbr   Section in error                                       

  --------   -----------------------------------------------------  







Release: 14
Component: MICS


The TEXT section of the PTF contains a bad character that is causing the error during the PSP Table refresh.

For example, the members listed under the LIBRARIES/MEMBERS REPLACED section contain a character other than $.

In this example, the second member has a £ character instead of a $.





Most likely, a transmission error or translation error occurred during uploading of the PTF from the PC to the Mainframe.  
Re-download the PTF from and re-upload to the mainframe.   Then rerun the job to refresh the PSP libraries again followed by a PSP table refresh (5;2;4;1).   
You can also ensure that the member in the sp.PSP.PC.TEXT contains the EBCDIC hex for '$' '5B'x in the section noted above under LIBRARIES/MEMBERS REPLACED