CAUAJM_E_00051 Unable to create thread
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CAUAJM_E_00051 Unable to create thread


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CA Workload Automation AE - Business Agents (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) Workload Automation Agent


Autosys instance is down i event_demon log you can see with the message 

CAUAJM_E_00051 Unable to create thread! [0xb8a01c58][0]:Resource temporarily unavailable 


Release: All Supported Version on Linux
Component: CA WAAE


The message "CAUAJM_E_00051 Unable to create thread! [0xb8a01c58][0] Resource 

temporarily unavailable" is usually related to either the user under which 

the process is running cannot create a thread or it does not have enough memory 

or file descriptors to create the thread.

This can be related to the Oracle client libraries not freeing memory and causing 

the process to use to much memory. 


You can define the SCHED_SCALE and DB_CONNECTIONS parameters to tune the scheduler.

On UNIX, the SCHED_SCALE and DB_CONNECTIONS parameters are operating system environment 


Depending on your UNIX operating system, you can use either the setenv or the export 

command to define these tuning parameters.

To define the tuning parameters for the scheduler on UNIX

1. Log on to CA Workload Automation AE as the EXEC superuser and enter the

following command at the operating system prompt:

sendevent -E STOP_DEMON

The scheduler completes any processing it is currently performing and stops.

2. Enter the following commands at the operating system prompt based on your

UNIX shell command interpreter:

setenv SCHED_SCALE limit

setenv DB_CONNECTIONS=max_number


export SCHED_SCALE limit

export DB_CONNECTIONS=max_number


DB_CONNECTIONS can be set from 1-128. 

SCHED_SCALE can be set from 1-42 .

The default value of SCHED_SCALE=5 and DB_CONNECTIONS=16. 



DB_CONNECTIONS is almost three times the value of SCHED_SCALE.

Based on the above defaults and the code implementation we provided you 

with the formula DB_CONNECTIONS=(SCHED_SCALE*3 + 1). 


The formula cannot be taken literally when touching the upper limits. 

Incase you are seeing any performance delays with the current SCHED_SCALE 

you can increase the value beyond 42, while restricting DB_CONNECTIONS to 

128. But as increase the value of SCHED_SCALE, AutoSys will use increased 

number of system resources and could hit the ceiling on your system. 

With DB_CONNECTIONS having a limit of 128 this means we should not increase 

SCHED_SCALE past 42, although this has a maximum value of 64. 

3. restart the scheduler