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How To Limit SDM Port Bindings


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How can to limit the number and range of ports that Service Desk binds to?


Service Desk Manager 12.x, 14.x and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


By default, CA SDM selects a port based on availability. The system reserves ports less than 1024, but can request for a port as high as 65335. The ports that you require to open on a firewall depends on the settings defined in the NX.env file.

The following NX.env variables set the starting port (2100) and the incremental increase (plus 1):


The above options can be installed by running the following commands:

pdm_options_mgr -a pdm_option.inst -s SLUMP_FIXED_SOCKETS -v 1

pdm_options_mgr -t -a pdm_option.inst -s SLUMP_FIXED_SOCKETS -v 1


pdm_options_mgr -a pdm_option.inst -s SLUMP_SECONDARY_SOCKET -v 2100

pdm_options_mgr -t -a pdm_option.inst -s SLUMP_SECONDARY_SOCKET -v 2100

This will update the NX.env and tell Service Desk to listen on port 2100 and bind to new ports starting with 2101 and try to bind to new ports as close in succession as possible.

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