Client Automation - CAFAPI_CONFIGFAILED error when using caf setserveraddress remotely
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Client Automation - CAFAPI_CONFIGFAILED error when using caf setserveraddress remotely


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Command "caf setserveraddress newss host computername" returns error CAFAPI_CONFIGFAILED

Example :


In TRC_CF_CAF_CMD_*.log set in DETAIL error message like this appears :

101116-02:43:55.6976169L|006072|000019d0|CAF_CMD   |CcnfAgentApi    |CCcnfAgentApi.cpp   |002318|DETAIL | SetParameterValue(itrm/agent/solutions/generic, serveraddress, <HOSTNAME>, NULL, NULL): ACCESS_DENIED.

101116-02:43:55.7002011L|006072|000019d0|CAF_CMD   |cfCafApi        |                    |000000|INFO   | CCFCafApi::setServerAddress: returned: 23: CAFAPI_CONFIGFAILED: Failed to set property in configuration file.

And in TRC_CCNFAGENT_*.log in DETAIL :

101116-02:43:55.6967669L|004708|00001168|CcnfAgentW|CcnfAgentWorker |CStoreData.cpp      |001038|DETAIL | SetParameterValue(itrm/agent/solutions/generic, serveraddress, <HOSTNAME>, , ALLUSERS, 2)

101116-02:43:55.6968545L|004708|00001168|CcnfAgentW|CcnfAgentWorker |CStoreData.cpp      |001071|INFO   | SetParameterValue(): itrm/agent/solutions/generic/serveraddress is centrally managed, access denied.

101116-02:43:55.6968774L|004708|00001168|CcnfAgentW|CcnfAgentWorker |CMsg2Cmd.cpp        |001317|DETAIL | Response Message: Cmd: 63, result: CCNF_ACCESS_DENIED



Client Automation - All Versions


The Scalability Server name is set via a configuration policy and it is centrally managed. So it is not possible to update it locally.




Change the name of Scalability Server by updating the configuration policy (all machines with the configuration policy applied will be impacted)


Change the configuration policy to set the parameter as locally managed and execute again the "caf setserveraddress" command on the machine