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interface_traffic probe does not read the port description from snmp device


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The customer noticed that when rediscovering the interfaces of a cisco device, the port description changes to the port name. Before the rediscovery,  the port description equaled to what has been set on the device as a port description. This seems to happen since the probe was upgraded to the latest version. 


interface_traffic probe 5.45


There was a change in the way the probe functions that has an impact on how the information is displayed (at probe version 5.33)

Earlier we were displaying IfDescr in Name column and IfAlias in Description column. Now, in latest release, we are displaying ifName in Name column and ifDescr in Description column, using the OID’s below : 

ifDescr . 
ifType . 
ifName . 
ifAlias . 

If you upgrade to the current version from an earlier version, you will notice this behaviour change on any newly discovered devices or when performing an interface rediscovery.


To change the way the interface name and description are displayed, you need to adjust the probe settings to match the older behaviour. Please refer to this section of the release notes:


Additional Information

Complete Release Notes:

Probe documentation: (NO LONGER SUPPORTED - Replaced by snmmpcollector)